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    Jena, C.K., S.D. Ghude, N. Blond, G. Beig, D.M. Chate, S. Fadnavis and R.J. van der A, Estimation of the lifetime of nitrogen oxides over India using SCIAMACHY observations
    Int. J. of Remote Sens., 2014, 35, 1244-1252, doi:10.1080/01431161.2013.873146.
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    Peet, J.C.A. van, R.J. van der A, O.N.E. Tuinder, E. Wolfram, J. Salvador, P.F. Levelt and H.M. Kelder, Ozone ProfilE Retrieval Algorithm (OPERA) for nadir-looking satellite instruments in the UV-VIS
    Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2014, 7, 3, 859-876, doi:10.5194/amt-7-859-2014.
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